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Methinee (May) Kelly
B.S. Nursing

Founded Advanced Sensory Educational Services, (ASES), to provide children and adults with Berard AIT, an educational method to improve sensory and auditory processing. May Kelly has a son diagnosed with Autism. Impressed with his positive response to Berard AIT, May was motivated to become certified (March 2010) to provide this intervention to other children/adults in need.

May Kelly studied under Sally Brockett, M.S., Director of the IDEA Training Center, North Haven, CT. Ms. Brockett is the Berard appointed representative and educator in the United States.

May Kelly is:

Berard AIT Certified
  • a Berard AIT Certified Practitioner and member of BAITIS (Berard Auditory Integration Training International Society),
  • a certified screener in using the Irlen Method,
  • and certified to facilitate Interactive Metronome.

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