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March 14, 2011

Welcome Spring

When spring arrives it will be time to get re-organized. Many of us take the time to do spring cleaning, but when you are involved in caring for a loved one with special needs, you may opt to abbreviate this annual regimen. If you are like me, there isn’t time to do it at all. Instead, I continue caring for my challenged son, and re-organize my own brain by taking brief delight in composing a poem about the season to come. Here is that poem.

Spring Arrival
The light of day will soon arouse,
When dawn’s peaked its cheerful brow,
Delicate buds rise in a bow,
The snow of March is fading now,
Sunlight lifts them as a crowd,
And awakens our every sense.
Sprigs of joy in Spring’s commence,
From soil and sun the Earth has sown
Their colorful shades of monotone.
Spring has sprung nature’s vibrant crown.

In composing Spring Arrival, I had wanted to demonstrate that rhythm and organization can come in other ways too.  In addition to being a certified Berard Method of auditory integration training (AIT) practitioner, and an Irlen screener, I recently earned my certification to become an Interactive Metronome provider. I am certified to work with adults and children. Click on these links to learn more about the Berard Method and the Irlen Method.

Interactive Metronome (IM) is another brain based tool to help organize the brain. Like the Berard Method of AIT, IM is based on the theory of neuro-plasticity, whereby new neuroconnections can be made, given the appropriate kinds of stimulation.

What population does IM address?  My practice goals are to assist anyone who would benefit from brain-based training interventions.  The gains from IM are improvements in sequencing, timing, rhythmicity, and motor planning.  Research has shown that these gains lead to improvements in attention, language processing, fine and gross motor skills, coordination, endurance and strength, to name a few. Learn more about Interactive Metronome.

After the Berard AIT, the processing and development of the brain continues even more with IM.  So, as we are aroused by the new spring, we are ready to commit to the changing of the seasons.  This means that we are also in sync with our lives, and stand ready to deal with the what’s to come in an organized fashion.

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