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November 3, 2011

Tried this one yet?

Often times I’ve been told that I need to try everything at least once. Now, I am offering you this same advice. It just occurred to me tonight that when I am using a particular kitchen gadget, I am  indirectly working on improving my son’s symptoms of autism.

Let me explain.  I purchased this “gadget” after witnessing repeated demonstrations of its use. After several attempts to not think about the demonstrations, I returned to the store and made my purchase. This was around seven years ago.

What is this “gadget”? It is a very expensive blender, called the “Vita Mix”. The reason why I opted for this particular brand was because I had been frustrated with using other brands without consistent success when ice needed to be crushed. Here’s another reason. The fact that I could feed my son “whole” foods, with no artificial ingredients, like color or flavorings, I was sold. I learned that I could easily make hot or cold soups, ice cream, sorbet, dips, or any dish that requires grinding. Do you realize how nutritious this is? Do you know how much control you have in feeding your child’s starving brain the right nutrition and in the amounts the DAN doctor or similar type doctor would recommend?

This equipment has become a family stable. Cooking is made easy with the proper use of this type of equipment. For example, the soups are not only balanced, but are delicious and quick to make. It makes it much easier for you to make tasty drinks with all the kale, broccoli, spinach, grains, nuts, or anything else you want to add to your smoothie in the morning. Now, I call this the “breakfast of champions”. The brain needs its greatest amount of nutrition the first thing in the morning. With busy schedules and feeling rushed, I have found this to be the most productive way to get a balanced meal, anytime.  You can google Vita Mix if you are interested in purchasing one.  If not, you can call the company to see when and where their next live demonstration will take place in your area.  I witnessed my demonstration at Costco.  Whole Foods also has these demonstrations from time to time.  You may even try calling these two stores to check out their demonstration schedule. Good luck with feeding your son or daughter in the future.  Remain hopeful that your special child will succeed.  By getting the right “whole foods” into your child’s diet, my opinion is that the Vita-Mix use is just one of the ways to help prepare your special child toward success.  The Vita-Mix is a tool that can help you get your child on the “right” diet.  We know what can happen when your child has the right kinds of food in his or her system.

With finely ground up ingredients, digestion has begun.  This may be helpful for those whose child has digestive issues, or oral issues, like difficulty chewing and/or swallowing.  Please note, this is not a paid advertisement from Vita Mix.  I am merely passing my personal experiences on to you.  Ultimately, you must decide what is best and works for your child.  But, as always, I remain hopeful since it doesn’t hurt to try this one (except maybe your pocketbook – ouch!).  So cheers to you – bottoms up!

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