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April 15, 2014

April is Autism Awareness Month: What Else?

With tax season coming to an end, I find April the ideal month to relaunch “news” that was lacking for the last exciting couple of years.  Yet, writing for our readers is no less valuable than my time away.  Spring is a time for renewal and relaunch what I deem valuable for our readers.  Even here in the midwest we got a soggy spring snow yesterday after a “long winter’s nap”.

What happened to a family will strike a cord with many parents who lovingly care for their child(ren) with autism, or any other medical, or developmental delays, physical and/or emotional.  Please see the attached article below, “‘Factitious Disorder by Proxy’ Allegations: DCFS Investigators Diagnose and Indicate Mothers Based on ……..” With approval and reprinted from The Family Defense Center (FDC), Chicago, IL, I submit their Issue 16, Fall 2013 article.  The Family Defense Center is a non-profit organization I highly endorse to defend families wrongly investigated or accused by the Illinois Department of Family and Children Services (DCFS).

As you read the attached article, keep in mind who can make anonymous calls to DCFS to report “abuse”even if the report is in itself, “factitious”.  In the case of a family discussed in the FDC article below, it is the clinical staff of a local therapeutic day school who “envisions” that the mother makes her child ill on purpose.  Often, the end result is that reporters remain remorse-free as families struggle to recover.  To our readers, this is your FYI.  With this being Autism Awareness month, April is the ideal month to alert you to a situation where unfounded allegations could disrupt your life and add to the challenges you are already facing in caring for your autistic child.  What you are about to read can truly happen to you at random.  The purpose for publishing this article is to increase awareness of potential hazards parents can experience as they navigate and lovingly care for special needs child(ren) during the April Autism Awareness month.   Let the reader become aware!



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